Donald Trump Becomes The Third American President Ever To Get Impeached

Donald Trump Becomes The Third American President Ever To Get Impeached

The year 2016 saw the most unlikely Presidential campaign that changed the face of world politics. A real-estate developer and a television reality show host put up his name for the  elite post of the American President.

However, after three years down the line, things have taken a rather unexpected turn. On Wednesday, he became the third President in American history to be impeached for the abuse of power. Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998-99 had set the course before. This classic vote for impeachment in the House of Representatives has paved way for setting a Senate trial for removing him from office.

The Democrats in their Article of Impeachment charged the President for the abuse of power by pressurising Ukraine’s government to carry corruption investigation against his likely opponent Joe Biden to raise his chances of being re-elected at the US president in 2020. Evidence by the Democrats also shows the misuse of $400 million security aid to Ukraine.

The Republicans on the other hand shunned all the arguments against Trump. They believed that it was done to tamper Trump’s reputation.

However, Impeachment in America does not remove the President from the office immediately. It sets the stage for the trial in Senate after the majority of the House Representatives have approved the articles of impeachment. Only with 2/3rd of the majority votes in Senate, the removal from office can come to affect.

There are high chances of his acquittal as the Republicans account for 53 and Democrats account for 47 members in Senate. This impeachment will serve as an eye-opener as to whether he can make ‘America Great Again’.


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