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Don’t Upload That Embarrassing Picture Of Your Friend On Social Media

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*picture uploaded successfully*

‘hahahha! now let’s wait for her to see it.’

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*after sometime*

Likes: 100+

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Comments: 50+

Views: No idea

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Dear friend, the catch is right here. Facebook does not tell you how many people have viewed the embarrassing picture you posted of your friend for fun. 

Well, let’s say that you have 500 people in your friend list and out of which 300 people have seen the picture. Now you must have also tagged your friend in it. So 300 of her friends get a look at that picture too.

Continuing with the above example, about 600 people have viewed your friend’s embarrassing picture which you posted for fun.

Do you have any idea what could be the result of this? There are THOUSANDS of troll pages on the social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. The aim of these pages is to get popular. Popularity is calculated by the number of people following their page. Larger the number of followers, greater is the popularity of the page. 

In order to get maximum likes/comments/shares on their posts, these pages may go to any extent. You, my dear friend, make their job easier. They use your pictures,Photoshop them and post it on their pages.

Imagine, one day you wake up and find that every person around you is giving you ‘looks.’ When you ask them what’s the matter, they show you an embarrassing picture of yourself.¬†

So remember, you could be the next person to be trolled and trust me, the situation is much more uglier than it seems.

Be safe!

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