Planning To Drop A Year ? Read This

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You did fairly okay in your 12th but not good enough to make it into any of the top colleges? Heard about the process of improving your marks but don’t feel confident enough to drop a year? Or you recently found out that science isn’t for you and want to change your stream and do law instead,but didn’t have enough time to prepare for the entrance and now are in second thoughts for whether you should drop a year or not? Well then my friend you are at the right place.

Here is a list of pros and cons of dropping a year so that you can make a wise decision.


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Uncertainty: Well this is definitely the most common fear which stops everyone from going ahead with it .Its not just the uncertainty of getting into your dream college after a year but also if after a year your interests will be the same or not.

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Toodles Social Life: If you are someone who is always surrounded by people,well then its time to switch them up with books.

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Mental/Social Pressure: All the auntys know you‚Äôve decided to include ‘a gap year‚Äô in your career and boy do they have a lot of opinions.

All your friends are starting their college life and you feel a bit out of place.


Following your Passion: If after a year you can finally do what you enjoy, this should be reason enough for taking a risk.

More Time: Now that you have decided to drop a year,you have a whole year to prepare for the entrance hence increasing your probability of scoring a good college.

Learn More About Yourself: With a year with books,almost no social life and more time in your hand than when you had in school you are bound you learn more about yourself or rediscover your old hobbies which is always a good thing.

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Prabjot Kaur
Prabjot is a full time daydreamer and a part time student at College of Vocational Studies.You can also spot her hogging on food,but mostly daydreaming. Feel free to drop her a mail at

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