Stop Judging A Dropper : You Don’t Know His Story Buddy

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‘What!!?? You’ve taken a drop? You are wasting your one year. What if you don’t crack it this time?’

Everyone who has taken a drop in their lives must’ve surely gone through the above situation.

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A journey of a dropper is not as easy as it appears. Droppers, in my opinion, are one of the most courageous people I have ever come across. They not only have to study everything all over again but also have to handle the pressure from family, society and most importantly the pressure of the mind which incessantly reminds them of the importance of cracking the exam.

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A dropper’s life is not acknowledged on a large scale and is rather ridiculed by many. On getting a closer look into it, one realizes that it is no less than risking your life. Either you get through it or you don’t, there is no in between. You consistently feel a challenge and that challenge, in turn, provokes you to work for it harder and with more dedication. You consistently feel the need to prove yourself, to those who demotivated you and to those who did not believe in your capability.

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People say that taking a drop makes you waste a year but i would re-frame it by stating that dropping a year makes you a better person because in that one year you figure out who actually stands by you. In that one year you not only learn to cope up with the pressure, but also learn to acknowledge yourself. That one year makes you believe that at the end of the day it will be you and only you who matters and no one else.

Just imagine seeing the same friends with whom you made memories sitting on the last bench of your classroom now going to college and making new friends and memories while you are just there, sitting with a pile of books around you, in an isolated room. Doesn’t it seem depressing? This is the harsh reality of being a dropper. So before you judge anyone for anything, try to fit into their shoes first.

So shout out to all those people who courageously handled all the pressure singlehandedly and stood out with flying colours!

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