DU Admissions 2017 : Informatics Practices Can Now Be Included In Best 4 Without Any Deduction

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A lot of students had studied Informatics Practices in their Class 12.Most of the students in Arts Stream studied Informatics Practices as their Additional Subject  &  Some of the Commerce students studied it in place of Mathematics.

Informatics Practices is a scoring subject but till last year students were facing  2.5% deduction if included in Best Four Calculation during  admissions to undergraduate course in Delhi University.

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For the sake of such students, this year Delhi University has added Informatics Practices to the Annexure II/List A of academic/elective subjects so that students can include it in Best Four Calculation without any deduction for admission in honours courses.

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Although last year , it was also mentioned along with Computer Science but that was only valid for Admission in Computer Science(H) according to the terms & conditions mentioned in the Undergraduate Bulletin provided by the university website.

Unlike last year , there is no such condition is imposed so ‘Informatics Practices will be treated as academic/elective subject for Admission in all honours courses of Arts Stream.

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Along with it, Legal Studies is also added in the academic/elective subjects list that will benefit a lot of students who had studied Legal Studies as a subject in their Class 12.

B.Com and B.Com(H):-

Coming to the scenario of including ‘Informatics Practices’ in Best Four Calculation for Admission in B.Com(P) and B.Com(H) ,there would 1% deduction as it is listed in C2 List of Commerce Courses best four calculation formula in the Undergraduate Admission Bulletin 2017-18.

So, it will also beneficial for the B.Com(P) and B.Com(H) aspirants as if we compare with the last year, including such subjects imposed 2.5% deduction in Best four percentage.

Concluding, Unlike last year, you will have no deductions in honours courses and only 1% deduction in Commerce courses for including ‘Informatics Practices’ in Best Four Subjects for Admission in Delhi University.

That’s a sigh of relief for DU aspirants who scored good in ‘Informatics Practices’ in Class 12.

Good Luck!

Aman Chhabra
Aman is a Technology Geek and a Nature Lover. He is pursuing Bachelor of Vocational Studies from Delhi University. He believes that Smart Work and Learning Attitude can help one to achieve something better in everyday life.

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