DU Admissions 2020 : Step By Step Guide For Best of Four Calculation

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Calculating the “Best Four” can prove to be a herculean task to many aspirants who seek admission in the University of Delhi as the process is extremely obfuscating. The rigidity of the subjects that are mentioned in List A and List B makes it further complicated and students often get bewildered on what to subtract or add when calculating the percentage for the minimum eligibility requirements. 

We are here to tell you how it’s done and help you with the process. The process itself is not too long or detailed and is pretty simple to calculate the “best four combinations”.

  • STEP 1: Choose the subjects you want to add in your combination of “best four”. For example, if you have 5 subjects, namely, Commerce, Economics, Physical Education, English, Accountancy, choose any four which match with subjects mentioned in the List A and List B. (LIST A AND LIST B are explained in detail in another article here).
  • STEP 2: If you do not have any subjects that pertain to the subjects mentioned in both the lists, choose any 4. Or if you have 3 subjects that pertain to the subjects mentioned in both the Lists and 2 other than those mentioned in the lists, choose 3 that are in the list and 1 another subject. 
  • STEP 3: Calculate your aggregate percentage. For example, If you scored 98 in Commerce, 99 in English, 93 in Economics and 93 in Accounts, your aggregate percentage would be 95.75%.
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In this example, all the subjects considered for the “best four combinations” are mentioned in the Lists issued by the University and you do not need to add or subtract any certain percentage. 

  • Now, if for example, instead of the above example, you scored 99 in Physics, 98 in English, 96 in Biology and 95 in Physical Education, your aggregate percentage would be 97% (aggregate of four subjects) minus 2.5% that equals 94.5%. This is because Physical Education is not mentioned as an academic subject in List B and University has the criteria of deducting 2.5% for each subject that is not mentioned in the list.
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The criteria are not that complicated. It requires a certain amount of thorough reading of the guidelines issued by the University. 

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If you are seeking admission to an honors course in any Language and you have studied that subject as an elective one, you need to add 2% to your aggregate percentage. For example, if you are seeking admission in English Honors, and you have studied English as an elective subject, you will get a benefit of 2%. Let me clarify this with an example I used in Step 3. You scored the same marks and instead of English you scored 99 in English Elective, your aggregate percentage would then be 95.75% plus 2%, that is 97.75%. This will now be your aggregate percentage of the best four combinations. Remember that, it is compulsory to choose one language and three academic subjects for the combination of four subjects you consider.

After you are done calculating it, you need to match your aggregate percentage with the minimum eligibility requirements and viola that’s it! 

Happy calculating 🙂

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