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The formula for conversion of Cumulative Grade Point Average under the CBCS  has been made official by the University of Delhi on its website on 11th January 2018. Until now the University did not specify any particular formula for conversion which led to confusion for students applying for opportunities in India and across the world.

You can check the notification here: Notifications/DU

As per the notification, the formula will be:

Final % of marks = 9.5 x C.G.P.A of all six semesters. This formula will be printed on the mark sheet and then the actual percentage can be calculated.

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This can be an equally happy and sad news for the students. This will also provide a uniform base for students across DU. This is valid for the students graduating in May/June 2018 which is the first batch under the CBCS System.

It should also be noted that this formula is further considerable after the approval of the competent authority.


  1. If you are gonna show percentages then why bother giving grades. Whole idea of grades was to get away with percentage in the result sheet.


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