DU Department Proposes A Course On Islam And International Relations At Post Graduate Level

The Department of Political Science of Delhi University has proposed to teach Islam and International Relations at the post graduate level. Professor Sanjeev Kumar HM designed the course.The paper intends to introduce students to the multi-layered and multi-faceted theoretical, conceptual and philosophical issues that act as roadmap when we attempt at understanding the linkages between the history, culture and theology of Islam and the processes that are involved in the functioning of international relations.

At a meeting of the Standing Committee on Academic Affairs of Delhi University, a point was raised by an academic who questioned why other religions should be left out.

Professor Sanjeev Kumar HM told News18 “There was no opposition, but one suggestion was made on including other religions as well. We were asked why only Islam? Why can’t we design a course on Hinduism and International Relations or Buddhism and International Relations or Christianity and International Relations?’’

Course Proposal-

The course proposal explains as to how in recent times, the genealogy and archaeology of the religious and political thought in Islam and its connection with the systemic contours of societies and political institutions has emerged to be one of the most contested subjects in humanities and social sciences.

The course lays out as to how such an interest has been the product of the radicalization of political Islam and the growing unhealthy interface that has developed between Islam and violence, as a result of the globalization of Jihad that has brought in the medieval notions of a contest between abode of Islam (Dar al-Islam) and the land of unbelievers (Dar al-harb).

Owing to this, Islam has become a prominent element in the sphere of security studies.

The course expects to help students comprehend how the notion of Islam-o-phobia has become an integral part of contemporary global affairs. Also, how the religion has been misrepresented in the sphere of international politics.


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