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DU Express Talks To Enactus SSCBS-The Enactus World Cup 2017 Winners

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Enactus SSCBS isn’t Enactus SSCBS anymore.

It’s Enactus India and for all the right reasons.We spoke to them post their crazy reception in the college hosted by the student union. Here are excerpts from the conversation.

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1.Tell us briefly about your winning projects.

Aligning with the Digital India Mission,Udaan aims to create a wave of digital inclusion in rural India by setting up computer centres that utilise e-waste and build sustainable business models that empower women.

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Aiding the govt’s Swachh Bharat Initiative,Raahat envisions to eradicate open defecation and provide safe sanitation to urban slum communities by innovating in management of community toilet complexes and sensitising people on good sanitary practices.

2. You came second at the World Cup 2016. How did you up your ante this year?

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Securing the second position gave us the much needed confidence with our projects. Striving to impact more number of lives we took them a notch up with the help of Government and corporate partnerships.

3.What do you think gave you an edge over other institutions (within India and abroad)?

Winners don’t do something different, they do the same thing in a different way. Our approach and our attitude towards solving simple issues is what makes us shine out. We always focus on involving our target communities in all our initiatives so that we build their stake in our projects. The dedication shown by our team and the support we receive from our communities and entrepreneurs keeps us going.

4. Is there anything you’ve learnt during your participation at the World Cup this year?

The one thing we learned for sure is to never settle for less,no achievement is big enough for you to become stagnant.One should keep striving for more and more.

5. Tell us about the grant you received and your plans for it?

We plan to systematically invest the grants received into our projects in the coming years. The grants will help us explore newer areas and develop better techniques for furthering the cause of our projects.

6. Were there any financial constraints for travelling to London this year and if yes then how did you overcome them? We remember you went for crowd funding last year for Canada.

In a huge team travelling to an expensive place like London, some constraints are bound to come in. There are also various miscellaneous competition related expenditure which also needs allocation of funds,but with the help of crowdfunding,this year too we were able to raise a decent amount.

7. How has life changed after winning the World Cup? Friends, family, college mates, what was their reaction?

After winning the world cup, the lives of our team members, our communities and our entrepreneurs has surely changed. The welcome we have been receiving is overwhelming be it from our families, friends, teachers or college authorities.

8. What would your message be to other Enactus teams of Delhi University and across various Indian colleges?

Enactus stands for We all winning, and nothing is truer.The win is not of a particular project or college, it is Enactus India. And we would like to call out to other enactus teams to join hands and take these projects to every nook and corner of the country and impact millions of lives.

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