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DU Issues Guidelines for OBEs to be Held in December

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DU released guidelines for the upcoming OBEs in December on 18th November, 2020. The examinations for the semester III/V/VII along with the essential repeaters of I/III/V semester, improvement cases and the Ex-students shall begin from 12/12/2020.

Guidelines specifically for Ex-students, Essential Repeaters and the ones appearing to improve their score:
1. The ex-students shall follow the respective date sheets as per their year for examinations
2. The final year ER students shall appear for the same as per the date sheet along with the Vth semester examinations
3. The second year ER students shall appear for the same as per the date sheet along with the IIIrd semester examinations
4. The students who passed their final year examinations in 2020 can only appear for an improvement in their Vth semester examinations, as per the datesheet and applicable rules in the regard.
5. The students in their final year examinations in 2020 can only appear for an improvement in their IIIrd semester examinations only.
6. The students in their second year examinations in 2020 can only appear for an improvement in their IInd semester examinations only.

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Generic guidelines-
1. All students must ensure that their examination forms for the respective courses have been filled already
2. The admit card shall be available on the university website before the exams begin. The students need to download or print and produce it wherever required.
3. The students need to stay in contact with college authorities and should visit the college website time to time. The college may use official e-mail /update on online and social media platforms available for communication.

How to write the paper?
The student shall answer the questions on A4 size sheets and mark the page number on the top of each page. On the first page , the students shall write the following details:

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1. Date and time of examination ( DD/MM/YYYY, HRs:Mins)

2. Examination Roll number

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3. Name of the program i.e. B.A.,, B. Sc. (Hons., Pass) etc.

4. Semester

5. Unique paper code

6. Title of the paper

7. Name of the college

8. E-mail Id of the student

9. Mobile Number of the student

Duration of the examination will be 4 hours, out of which 3 hours will be allotted to write the answers and 1 hour shall be utilized to download question paper and upload the scanned PDF files of the answers.

Duration of examination for PWD category students will be 6 hours.

In case of poor internet connectivity/any unforeseen technical glitches etc.,the student is advised to submit his/her script beyond the specified time period with the documentary evidence. The maximum time limit for delayed submission is 60 minutes.However, all such cases will be examined by the Review Committee and these answer sheets shall be evaluated based on the decision of the Review Committee.The time of submission of answer sheets shall be recorded by the system.The delayed submissions of answer sheet with exact time of submission shall be sent to Review Committee.

Students need to submit an undertaking of not using any unfair means, by pressing the button provided on the portal before uploading the scanned PDF of answer sheets. The proforma for the said undertaking shall be made available to the students on the portal from where the question papers are downloaded by the students.
Students should appear in the examination as per the option filled in the examination form for the mode of examination i.e. “Physical Mode (From the College)” OR “Remote Mode (From Home)” by using ICT based facilities, Those who have opted the option of writing exam by Physical mode (College), will have the choice of writing it through Remote Mode (Home) but not the vice-versa. The College will provide necessary facilities according to the MHA, UGC guidelines in view of COVID- 19.

A. Guidelines for the students opting the Remote Mode (Home):

1. The students may write the examination from any part of the country of his/her
2. Students shall require laptop/desktop/mobile phone/any other appropriate device with adequate internet connectivity for accessing University Portal, downloading question paper and uploading of answer sheets on the University Portal.
3. Students should scan the answer sheet question wise and upload the respective
PDF file on the OBE portal, the file size of each answer should be within the 7
MB limit. Only PDF format wilhout any password will be accepted.
4. A system generated acknowledgement will be sent to the student’s registered e-mail after submission of the answers sheets on the portal.

The students who had opted for Remote Mode (Home) will not be permitted to appear through Physical Mode (College).

B. Instructions for the students opting the Physical Mode (College):
1. The students shall require writing the examination at their respective
Colleges/Institute according to the seating plan prescribed by the College/Institute.
2.The students shall be provided all the ICT facilities including computer by the College/Institute for downloading question paper, scanning of answer sheets and uploading of answer sheets on the OBE Portal.
3.The students shall bring the A4 Size Papers for writing the answers.
4.The students who have opted Physical Mode (College) may appear in Remote
Mode (Home) if he/she desires.

Answer Sheets submitted other than the OBE Portal will not be entertained under
any circumstances as mentioned in the circular issued by DU.
Visit to know the steps for the submission of answer script.

Note: Mock Test Paper may be available on the OBE portal one week before the commencement of examinations. It will be helpful to the students, who are appearing for examinations to make them comfortable for the usage of tools & applications required for downloading question papers and uploading the scanned answer sheets after the completion of examinations

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