DU Opposes Building Near Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station

The North Corporation has given green signal to the 39-storey building that has been planned to be built just next to the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station, even though Delhi University has filed a petition against it in the Supreme Court. The High Court had earlier dismissed the University’s petition regarding the same.

According to the petition of Delhi University, a building like this will not just interfere with the plan of Delhi for 2021 but will also impact the security of students, especially the five girl hostels nearby.

The land was initially bought by DMRC from the Defence Ministry but a part of it was sold to a Private Builder in 2012.

DU filed a petition earlier which got dismissed. Now,Delhi university has moved to the Supreme Court. Apart from this,DU has also written to the PMO, the Defence Ministry and the Home Ministry stating how unsafe this building would be for the female residents of five girls hostels which are located nearby.

Surprisingly, the North Corporation too was against the building plan and filed a petition in the High Court but earlier this year, the petition was withdrawn and online approval was granted to the private builder.


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