DU’s Virtual Societies: Freshers Welcomed in New Session

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Every year in DU, the month of July-August is filled with raucousness, excitement and tensity – its the recruitment season of the societies and cells of all colleges. The freshers are distinctly confounded with the peer pressure of joining multiple societies. They are constantly scrutinizing which field attracts them or do they even have needed talent! The DU societies and cells incorporate and invigorate various cultural activities and projects (Entrepreneurship to gaming club)! The session of 2020-21 is no different.

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The pandemic has delayed the academic session but the endeavour of the societies and cells to welcome the freshers is insurmountable. From extravagant orientation programs to the circulation of forms and online interviews, every discourse is providing the freshers a space to experience college life in between the buffering networks and windows screens. Many departments and societies last year conducted seminars and competitions to induce inclusivity. The workshops and programmes have been beneficiary and accessible to some while the others couldn’t afford it. As DU has restructured its virtual architecture, there is a sense of hope that the jubilance and activity sessions of societies will be accessible to everyone.

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The online method is used propitiously to make the freshers aware of the college setting and the hype of society culture. From comic skits to videography of the campus to intermixing through both intra-college and inter-college seminars/competitions is making the freshers more engaged. The quiz society of Miranda House recently held an inter-college quiz on popular literature while the poetry society of Jesus and Mary college held an event where letters were exchanged anonymously online in between colleges. There has been a constant interaction to make the freshers feel palpable that they are on campus. The General Secretary of the poetry society of DRC said “Indeed the limitation of physical presence is felt at all levels, the societies are struggling constantly with funds. But we are trying to be more sensitive and welcoming to the freshers because they hardly know anything. We are trying our level best to make them inclusive in a multidisciplinary approach. ”

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While Abhishek, a first-year student of Hansraj said, “I always wanted to be part of the DU theatre circuit. Having rehearsals online has been very challenging as ours require utmost physical interaction and equipment. I really hope that the college reopens soon because making acquaintances online is not really my cup of tea.”

Ajivyanka, a first-year psychology honours student said, “To be honest the process of recruitment and the concept of society is very vague to me. I really don’t know what I really want to do and the people around me are just boasting about their selection. I am not willing to join any society, for the time being, it is too hectic.”

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Some freshers are glee that they are occupied in cultural activities and can finally feel subtly what is college life. While some freshers are constantly in a state of dilemma which society is better for them or are they capable enough to be selected. Where the learners will go in the decorum of selection of only talented individuals is always a question. The worse is rejection.

But, fellow freshers I want to inform you, every year the recruitment drive takes place when you can audition all over again. Don’t associate your worth with materialistic position, indeed societies give exposure but you can participate in events externally too which are accessible to everyone. The biopolitics of caste and class hierarchy also works toxically in the societies of DU circuit. Even if you are not selected and you can’t discern which direction is perfect for you, it is okay. Through the passage of time, you can rebuild a community on your own and find your passion. The fest season of DU is approaching soon which will really pump the juniors and give an exclusive idea of what the cultural space of DU really is! Maybe you were dreaming to practice conventional debates in auditoriums, resonantly speak during the drama rehearsals by the sunlit porch or be part of the glamour of fashion societies! The cultural fests will surely make you feel like a part of DU and help you explore yourself.


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