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When we hear of Food Competition or Food Fest taking place nearby, the foodie in us gets awake and we get excited to go and grab some mouth watering food. Excitement gets double when we Indians get food for free. Who doesn’t love a free meal?

The same happened with a second-year student of Delhi University named Garv Gupta, who recently participated in a chili burger eating contest which landed him in hospital with ruptured stomach linings.

A restaurant in west Delhi recently held a competition to see who could eat the maximum number of Chili burgers in a day. The reward was Free meals for an entire month.

He was of course happy to have won the competition until the next morning when he puked and noticed blood in his vomit.

“My friends and I took part in the competition which I won after eating the maximum number of burgers. The next day, I noticed blood in my vomit and immediately went to the doctor. The doctor told me it was due to the chili burgers I ate,” the second-year Delhi University student said.

Even doctors at the BLK Kapur speciality Hospital were surprised to see Garv’s condition. After an endoscopy was conducted it was found that the inner lining of the stomach had burst and torn area had to be removed through surgery.

Doctor Deep Goyal said that chili is acetic and can lead to acidity, adding that consuming it in excess can have a direct impact on the lining. “We have seen many cases of stomach damage due to ulcers and excessive consumption of alcohol, but this it the first case caused by a chili,” he said.

Food Competitions are nowadays becoming a Business tactic to attract youngsters at mass. Eating competitions may lead to serious health problems as not all bodies and digestive systems accept the same amount of pressure.

Some days ago an another incident took place in national capital where a man had gulped some liquid nitrogen which he attempted to drink as a cocktail in a pub in his effort to get high. The man ended up having a hole in his stomach.


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