DU Student Plays Tambola With Neighbours Sitting In Balcony Amid Lockdown,Video Goes Viral

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“Netflix and chill”, we often craved for enough time to indulge in it. We often dreamt of staying at home with almost no work to do but now as the coronavirus outbreak has forced the government to put states under lockdown and has confined people inside their homes, it has become quite a task to spend time indoors when there’s no other option left with us. Amid these difficult times, People in the capital under lockdown came up with a creative idea to pass time.

A video has been doing rounds on social media platforms. Residents of a colony in North Delhi’s Pitampura can be seen playing tambola from their balconies in the video. You can also hear a woman announcing the tambola numbers with the help of a sound system that is helping her voice reach each and everyone in the colony.

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The family visible in the video is that of Shreya Vij. A first-year student from Janki Devi Memorial College. Shreya and her family took to their balcony and enjoyed the fun game of tambola along with their neighbors.

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In a brief conversation with DU Express, Shreya told us that “We all were getting bored so we just randomly thought of this idea, we had mics at our places. Everybody sounded interested in this…everyone had tickets at their places…they used them so none distributed the tickets. We distributed the prizes through paytm and the answers were verified through a whatsapp group.” She further added ” No, We didn’t expect such a reaction… we just made the videos for fun and circulated them….it got viral within an hour. We played more games like antakshri too”

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The video was shared by Indian Billionaire Anand Mahindra too via his twitter handle who compared the lockdown entertainment with Italy’s way of dealing with staying at home. In Italy, musicians took to their balconies to entertain their neighbors. Opera singers sang for them while DJs played party music.

The video also flashed on the screens of many news channels and was reposted on Instagram by many celebrities.

While the world still struggles to set free from the clutches of the pandemic, such as creativity, enthusiasm, and brotherhood will definitely help us to beat the mental stress and sail through these times.

As a nationwide lockdown for 21 days has been announced by our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, We hope that the entire nation comes out with flying colors through this test till then abide by the rules and extend your contribution to the country in this fight against Covid-19.

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