DU Students Kidnap Businessmen Based In East Delhi

Four students of Delhi University kidnapped a businessman residing in Laxmi Nagar of east Delhi from outside his house on Sunday at 12 noon. The victim was dragged out of his car and his face was veiled. The motive behind this kidnapping was to earn quick ransom money for the need of their daily expenses.

“The four youths first called Sunil, a friend of the victim. They instructed him to inform the businessman’s family members about the kidnapping and arrange for cash within six hours.” said a police officer.

The kidnappers drove away the victim from East Delhi and were wheeling around the area of East Delhi and Ghaziabad only after making a ransom call of Rs 3 Lakhs. The police was informed about the case by Sunil, victim’s friend at around 4 PM. Various police teams were in the Patparganj Industrial Area and were being updated about any further headway. Also the location of the victim was being tracked down by the technical team and according to them the victim was being moved in a vehicle.

The amount of ransom money was negotiated with the kidnappers by the family and Anand Vihar location was decided to drop the money at 6 PM. The cops were deployed at the location. The cops immediately pounced the 2 youths as soon as they arrived to pick up the bag and enquired them about the whole scenario. On further interrogation, the businessmen was rescued and other two youths were arrested by the police.



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