Since being elected as the DUSU President on September 13th after defeating Sunny Chhillar of Shivaji College, Ankiv Basoya has been making it to the headlines due to the allegations claiming that he used a “forged” mark-sheet to contest the elections.

With the Thiruvalluvar University’s affirmation to the same, there have been significant evolvements in the story. Commencing forth, there has been an incessant plea to conduct “Fresh Elections” since the resignation of Ankiv Basoya as the DUSU President followed by his expulsion from Delhi University.

However, Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Pinky Anand, appearing for DU, told the High Court that abiding by the Lyngdoh Committee guidelines, fresh elections can only be held if a post falls vacant within two months of the declaration of results and the Vice President be given the post of the President. The ASG argued that the DUSU President’s office fell vacant on November 14th and¬†the two-month period expired on November 13th as the poll results were declared on September 13th.

On the contrary, the court then asked DU to file its reply on the plea by Baisoya’s losing rival from NSUI, Sunny Chhillar. Senior advocate P Chidambaram, appearing for Chhillar, submitted that once the degree is found to be fake, the nomination itself becomes void and the two-month period for conducting fresh elections shall not apply in this case. “He [Baisoya] should never have been nominated” said Mr. Chidambaram. He added that Delhi University “dragged” the verification process, making the case for Sunny Chhillar stronger.

The results and the final judgement are due to be announced.


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