DUE Exclusive : Weird Group Of Women Wearing Green Attire Looting Girls In North Campus;Stay Safe
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There is something bizarre happening these days in the North Campus.

Many girl students of various North Campus colleges have reported that some ladies wearing clothes in Green colour with a dupatta on their heads and a basket or tray in their hands target girls and asks for few rupees and later when these girls agree to donate, the strange ladies start chanting some random blessings to them and then again asks them to take out a bigger amount money from their wallet and ask them to touch that basket.

If they refuse to do so, then two more women in the same attire appears from nowhere and harass them by scaring girls that something bad will happen with you or your family.Few students of DU have even seen these ladies travelling in e-rickshaws. These ladies till now have been seen outside North Campus colleges, Kamla Nagar market area, Vijay Nagar, Vishwavidyalya Metro Station and near PG’s.

Akriti Goel, a third year student of Daulat Ram College told DU Express “Some 4 days back while I was returning from my college, I came across 2 ladies dressed in a green saree near SRCC. All of a sudden, they stopped me and started asking for 1-2 rupees and then murmured some prayer sort of things. I was extremely startled and initially avoided them but then they started following me. They stopped me again and asked me to give them few amount. I just hurriedly moved away and escaped.”

A message is also circulating on WhatsApp Groups related to this matter.Here is the message-

“Hey people!


Detailed description of what happened- written by her-

“Yesterday, I was walking towards the metro station when near the Hansraj hostel gate a woman dressed in green salwar kameez approached me and started asking me for money. I ignored her, when she waved a basket covered in a green cloth in front of me and claimed that she will give that money to dargah. I still ignored her and continued walking. She started walking besides me, continued to do so for next five minutes and kept on asking for a ‚Çπ1/‚Çπ2. So I finally decided to give her a ‚Çπ5. I checked my pockets and found out that they were empty so I took out my wallet from my bag, took out a coin and gave it to her. She must have peeped into my wallet for she started muttering random blessings at me and asked me to take out any two notes from my wallet and touch it to whatever she was holding and keep it back in my wallet and I will have a prosperous life. I refused and started walking again when she said ”Baba ki Kasam m nahi lungi Vo paise tumhari bhlai k lie bolri hu, Bs choo Kar vapas Rakh Lena, Isme Mera Kuch ni hoga, tumhara fayda hoga. ”
Then two more women in same attire just came out of nowhere and backed me into one corner. I got scared and decided to do whatever she was saying and getting over with it. So I took out a ‚Çπ50 note(that was the lowest denomination I had in my wallet then) and touched it and was keeping it back when she snatched it from my hand and started mumbling all weird stuff under her breath and pretending to be praying and touching it to her basket. I asked her to give it back to me when she snatched a ‚Çπ500 note from my wallet. This was the time when I decided that I was done with this BS. So, I asked her to stop whatever she was doing and give me back my money. When I made an attempt to snatch it back from her, she started shouting all sorts of nonsense about what will happen to me and my family if I touch that money now. All three of them started saying this weird stuff when I saw a girl who saw me cornered and asked if I needed help. I subtly nodded at her so that these women wouldn’t know. The girl interrupted with a loud voice saying, ” Kya karre ho? Kya hora h? ” I took the moment of diversion to snatch back the ‚Çπ500 note from the woman’s hand. The girl and I demanded the money back when they pushed her. I helped the girl maintain her balance. They saw it as an opportunity and ran away. When they were gone, I was literally shaking, the girl offered me some water and calmed me down. I was glad they didn’t hurt me physically, though I am still not sure whether they had any weapons on them or not. We started walking again and spotted these people near KMC. We( the girl who helped and I) tried to stop the girl from giving them any money but they snatched a ‚Çπ200 note from her wallet and ran away. After consoling her a bit, we started walking towards ramjas red light when we saw them again near sudama tea stall, this time we started shouting from a distance. When they saw us coming, they moved away quickly and dissolved into the crowd. By the time we reached sudama tea stall, we saw them cornering another girl, they did the same thing to her and took ‚Çπ100 from her wallet. This time we intervened directly and one of the woman warned me to not follow her.”

PLEASE DO SHARE! These women are targeting college going girls mostly! Something needs to be done! ”

A number of girls have reported this matter to us in the last one week and after verifying the facts, we’ve done this story to make sure you all stay safe from these scammers.If you’ve friends in North Campus then please share this with them so that they are aware of this matter and can avoid this group of women.


  1. same happened to me but i lost oly 20.when she asked me bigger note. i just regreted them and i moved. same it is happng to boys. my junior lost his 500. they are targeting oly students.

  2. The same thing happened to me once. But i chased the girl and threatened her and she finally gave me the money. ?


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