DUSU 2017 Election Series : Life In Colleges Not Affiliated To DUSU

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While planning to get into the Delhi University, what never forms part of the plan of aspirants is the election scenario they are going to face in DU.Little they are aware how agile and aggressive these students bodies can be.

Now being a part of Delhi University we all are aware of these elections.We all know DUSU (Delhi University Student’s Union). DUSU is the representative body of students from most DU colleges. All these colleges encounter the low & high part of elections, the controversies, the clattering slogans,the universe of pamphlets, candidates having garlands roped around their necks and their followers (or maybe chamchas) following them,etc.

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However,there are some colleges where the environment is not affected by DUSU elections. They have no affiliation to DUSU and have their own independent college student union elections. Some of these well known colleges are St. Stephens College, Gargi College,Lady Shri Ram College For Women,Jesus & Mary College, Indraprastha College For Women,Delhi College of Arts & Commerce,etc. It is interesting here to note that it covers most of the girl’s Colleges.Some years back Bharati College was in news for withdrawing itself from DUSU.Recently,Aryabhatta College decided to hold a referendum on whether to remain a part of DUSU or not.

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So the students at these colleges experience a slightly different DU environment.Their days go same as usual.They attend their classes; they are not disturbed by the frequent arrivals of the candidates in their classrooms,they don’t get to hear the cluttering noise of slogans outside their classroom windows,they are not occupied by candidates begging for their votes at lunch time and most importantly they are not asked to shake hands with the candidates every time they pass by.

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People in these colleges aren’t really excited about election or election results.Whatever intricacies they get to know about DUSU Elections is through their friends studying in other college’s affiliated to DUSU.Some believe that it‚Äôs a great way to skip boring lectures.

Some of these students are of the opinion that a college student union is better because they understand their college’s problems thoroughly and can be held accountable.The chance of dirty politics is almost nil there.

Some viewed it as impediment in the growth of their political knowledge as they do not get to witness the actual structure of how politics work.They suggest that they also should be a part of the decision making process that is going to affect them either directly or indirectly.

So, what do you think of your college life with or without DUSU?

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