DUSU Elections 2018 : 12th September 2018 Is The Election Date;4th September 2018 Last Date To File Nomination

Recently,the students of College of Vocational Studies wrote an open letter to the the political parties contesting elections for DUSU,threatening to not to vote for any candidate littering the campus and/or defaming the walls of college.They even threatened to press the NOTA button.

Soon Kirorimal College and Ram Lal Anand portrayed a similar response.The elections,which are an important part of Delhi University and which should bring excitement to college life of students is slowly turning into a disturbing element for them.

A report by TOI shows that in 2016 only 31% of total students turned out to vote which was less than the 2015 percentage which was 43.3%.

Many reasons were behind this but the most prominent was that students were fed up of the candidates .Kartik Dutta, an alumni of CVS said “Elections on this level promotes corruption and is a waste of time which could be used by students to learn various other skills rather than campaigning for candidates because nothing is done by winning candidates for the betterment of colleges or students”.

From last few years,a pattern is seen at the time of elections, candidates come to colleges in branded cars,park them outside colleges,play loud music and throw pamphlets on the roads.

Candidates contesting elections at the university level are seen once an year and disappears for the rest of their term whereas candidates standing for the post of C.C.,V-P and President of the College Union disturbs classes by shouting slogans and campaigning loudly.

There are many students who came out to vote in their first year but stopped in subsequent years.Eshita Singh,a third year student in DU says, ‚ÄúAll the promises done by the candidates are fake. They know they can fool the freshers so they try to lure them with things like that those who come to vote get 2-days attendance or that the budget of the fest is decided on the basis of the number of voters. I’ve seen this college and nothing has changed since I came‚Äù.

Unnati Sharma says, ‚ÄúI stay in gurgaon and I have to travel for 2 hours to come to college. I don’t think I’ll come to vote because candidates have already disturbed most of our classes and also have destroyed the campus by sticking their pamphlets on walls and even on stairs.‚Äù

Amongst the students coming to vote,majority consists of first year students because they easily get fooled by the candidates as they are a gullible lot.So the freshers are the main target of the candidates.

Moreover,instead of promoting the Swach Bharat Abhiyaan of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi,they litter the campus,destroy the main motive of college i.e. to study and spends money on providing free movie or water park tickets to the students in order to get votes.This kind of politics promotes high level corruption.  

Still,we at DU EXPRESS will advice all the readers of this article to at least take part in the voting process,even if you press NOTA.


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