Friday, January 24, 2020
DUSU Elections 2019 DUSU Elections 2019 : How Is It Like Studying...

DUSU Elections 2019 : How Is It Like Studying In A College Not Affiliated To DUSU


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DUSU election is here around the corner and along with that it’s campaigning too. Everybody is excited for Thursday, busy in asking votes, reading every student wing’s manifesto, standing all over the campus to greet everybody, pasting posters and what not.

But you won’t find all these things in any non affiliated DUSU college.As the elections approaching, you all must be waiting for the HOLIDAY, The election day holiday.But there are many colleges like St. Stephens, Jesus and Mary College, Daulat Ram College, Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce and many more whose students just don’t get all these benefits of bunking classes or election drama.

Everything has its own merits and demerits.Students who belong to a college which isn’t a part of Delhi University Student Union (DUSU),for them election time is just like any other time, dull and boring without any excitement.It’s the same old routine.All they get to do is see about how other colleges are campaigning and conducting rallies.Nobody is shouting slogans or asking them to vote even they don’t get to see any graffitis around and no posters littered all over, which is indeed the best part of not being affiliated to DUSU.But they definitely miss the election halla that happens in other colleges.

Also the colleges which are not under DUSU, they are never a part of any election scandal.No candidate enters into classes or creates any disruptions.But if not DUSU then they have it’s own Student Union Elections which aren’t less than DUSU elections.For all these colleges Students Union Elections are like one major big thing.Even their rallies and campaigning are conducted similar to DUSU.

Well there is no chance of hooliganism that is during this time,mobs,fights and eve teasing.Even the campuses are labeled as ‚ragging free zone, which is another positive point.

So all the colleges which are not under DUSU they have not seen the exact DU cult but when they go to metro station or around the campus area they must have witnessed the excitements, walls filled with posters, people asking for votes, rallies etc. but when you visit a non DUSU college you won’t feel that this college is not under DUSU, thanks to the student union elections which give these students a feel of DU cults.

Ruwaidah Suhail
Ruwaidah Suhail a student at Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. Known for following her ambitions. Giving words to her thoughts, she is a Writer at DU Express but, thats not giving you a lot of detail! So read her articles here.


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