Maths Students Demand Free Revaluation After Mass Failure In 2 Exams

The Delhi University Teacher’s Association sent a letter to the Vice-Chancellor, Yogesh Tyagi  castigating the delay in the academic council’s meeting which was scheduled on Wednesday. DUTA has claimed that Tyagi being the academic head of the institution denied to take some necessary steps for the better conditions of all sections of the university.

“Teachers of the University and its colleges have been deprived of career advancement which ought to be done in a time-bound manner. However it is extremely unfortunate that the university has not deemed it necessary to give its teachers their due. While the university has been promoting teachers due for superannuation, it points to the insensitivity of your administration that this career advancement does not help teachers while in service and amounts to not recognizing the service rendered by them.” stated DUTA in its letter.

The letter also stated that the excessive delay in appointments and formalizing the teachers through permanent assignation has put the future of various young teachers on stake. The teacher’s body have demanded for the meeting to summon on 19 December and address their issues else they won’t let the meetings to proceed. “We also demand that the meeting of the Executive Council be convened within 72 hours of the Academic Council meeting so that the ordinances can be fully incorporated and the promotion process can begin without any further delay.”  said DUTA.


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