DUTA Protests : Teachers Resume Classes;Evaluation Boycott To Continue

DUTA Protests : Teachers Resume Classes;Evaluation Boycott To Continue

The semester exam results seems to be further delayed after the Delhi University Teachers Association held a general body meeting and decided to “modify the present form of agitation”.Keeping the interests of students in mind, the teachers have decided to resume classes but will continue to boycott semester-end exam paper evaluation.

The DUTA strikes and protests have been going on for over a month now outside the VC Office against the unresolved issues of promotion, salary, status, pension recovery and other such issues. The association also added that DUTA will immediately reach out to the parliament members to take forward its struggle for one time regulation.

“DUTA will write to the prime minister again on this matter and will seek appointment” the association said. The teachers also said that a long protest march to parliament will be organised during the forthcoming budget session to convey their issues to party leaders.

The teachers association also demanded removal of the Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi.

“The DUTA will ensure that the matter is raised in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha” they added.


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