Eliminating Unhealthy Competition : Lets Make Friends For Real,Not To Compete With

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Delhi University, one of India’s most prestigious universities, is considered to pick up the cream of India and some international students as well. It is meant to be a home, to gather all the intellectual and skilled students at one place for their further improvement, who are one day expected to be the strongest building blocks of our country.

Being the cream, these students adapt themselves to be the best among all, but at a place like Delhi University where students throughout India and outside of India come together; there is a competition, a competition of being the best among the bests. One would find many others better than them, and most of us cannot take it. Can we?

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Coming out from a very protective atmosphere in school, most of the students don’t even know what really competition is, how we keep it healthy and where college is going to lead us to. Amidst all these dilemmas of life to which we turn a blind eye, we just get trapped in the ripples of thoughts our minds make, taking us to a ride of self-doubt and lack of confidence. Why?

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Because out there, we find people doing better than us, making us feel we’re less than them. But nowadays, the competition which was meant to be healthy, to make students enhance not just their skills and grades, but their whole personality, has turned negative. We end up thinking about how to make the other person do less, instead of taking the time to plan how we can do more. One must not forget that we cannot climb the ladder by pulling the leg of someone who is above us, because this way we all would fall.

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Another recent or modern way of the unhealthy competition has paved its way in the name of friendships. Befriend your competitor, pull them down and leave. But has anyone ever given a thought to what this means for us in the long run?

Today, it may help us to clear an exam, win a competition, score a little well, get us a good position in the society, and maybe even help us with placements, but what next? Aren’t we all supposed to get what we deserve? How many times will we end up trying to snatch from others or succeed by pulling them down? Aren’t colleges the place to make the best of friends and experience maximum freedom like the 90s’ movies told us?

But what are we doing?

Making friends because they can get us the things we want and not because they are someone who understands us or are our chosen family. Most of us doesn’t even realise this because we are continuously engaged in getting ourselves better scores, internships, jobs and projects.

None of us wants to be empty when our grandchildren are going to ask questions, so why not keep aside the unhealthy competition and make real friends to laugh with, even when we won’t have teeth.

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