Emmanuel Macron-The Youngest French President

Emmanuel Macron-The Youngest French President

Emmanuel Macron-The Youngest French President

The 39-year old ┬áinvestment banker, Emmanuel Macron won French presidential elections and became the youngest ever leader of the 59-year old France’s Fifth Republic.

The socialist and reformer, Macron excelled in elections with a huge margin over his competitor and the National Front, Marine Le Pen, by winning 66.1% ballots to her 33.9%.

He vowed to make France, a stronger economy and to heal the demoralised country by solving identity crisis and immigration issues.

Being a diametric personality to the anti-globalist Le Pen, pro-European Macron has demolished all the chances of France’s exit from European Union.

After the Brexit and victory of Donald Trumph as the president of U.S.A., French elections became significant for the world economy and socio-political strature.

All the global leaders like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trumph congratulated warm-heartedly to Macron for his victory.