Enactus College of Vocational Studies, within 2 years of its inception, is set to launch its second project after the success of its first project, KATRAN. 

The new Project titled MADARI is an initiative to uplift the lives of Indian Traditional Magicians living a pitiable life in the slums of Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad and aims at bringing some magic into the lives of these magicians.

These magicians have been practicing this form of art for almost 4 decades now. Magic, for them is a family lineage and runs through their blood. 

The GRAND LAUNCH takes place on Tuesday, AUGUST 9,2016 at The College of Vocational Studies, Sheikh Sarai. 

The launch ceremony also includes a Magic show, which will be conducted by the magicians themselves, which is sure to leave the audiences bewildered.

Because as they say, there’s a bit of magic in everything. ¬†

For any queries or details, Contact

Anshul Arya- 9560054576, 8860425352

or visit www.facebook.com/enactuscvs



19 | Economics (H), College of Vocational Studies | Marketing and PR Head, Enactus CVS. ''Work hard in silence, let the success make the noise'' Economist in the making.


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