Enjoy Little Things In Life,Think Beyond Pending Assignments or Society Work

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Buried under piles of assignments due, and pending society work, with burdens of keeping up the attendance, we have forgotten what it means to actually enjoy the little things that we used to love. Lives of DU students have always been hectic, being it the long hours of travel, or the daily chores of living far apart from your homes.

It is natural, that we start prioritising internals and attendance over the small things that give us joy. Often, we find ourselves indulging into various things that are not too great for us, but nevertheless needed at times.

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However, in these hectic schedules, what if we start taking out small periods of time for ourselves, to enjoy what we actually love.

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For the assignment is always going to be there, and even the internal; for societies aren’t going to stop giving us work, and neither is the attendance magically going to go up, but five minutes of doing something that we really love, might help us bear it all easily.

Maybe reading that book again, watching that series, going for that morning run, writing that poem, drawing that caricature, will help us take it all a little easy.

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The life in DU, as always will stay the same. But by taking out a little time for ourselves by watching sunsets or Netflix is definitely going to keep our mental health alright.

So take that opportunity to do what you love and even if you don’t spend your entire day doing it, try taking five minutes. Might make everything else you do perfect.

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