Clean Chit Given To DU Professor Nandini Sundar In Murder Case

This year the University collected fees in an online centralised manner and claimed to send it back to the colleges.However,even after 5 months the University is yet to send it back to the colleges causing obstruction in college’s developmental work.

According to principals, the university needs to transfer around Rs 4-5 crore to each of the 61 colleges.The claim was put in front by the colleges that the delay has affected infrastructural work, disbursal of scholarships as well as the budget of the colleges for the current financial year.

We don’t know the reason for this delay but we are facing this problem for the first time. It’s a huge sum, and the delay is affecting the functioning of the college.” Hindu College’s principal, Anju Srivastava said.

Even though the process of centralised admission has been in place since 2014,the fee was collected by the respective colleges. The process of fee collection was made online from last year.

“It is a big amount that we are supposed to get from the university.It is but obvious that our work is getting affected because of the delay.We are hoping that the money will be credited to our account by this week.” said Rama Sharma,Principal of Hansraj College.

We have to plan this year’s budget and this amount is an important part of it.If the university could not manage,they should have let the colleges handle the fees by themselves,” said a Principal of a South Campus College.


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