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Exams Made Easy With The Perfect Book Guide For Commerce Freshers

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With exams less than 10 days away and still not being able to figure out which book to pick up, here’s an article to help the freshers pursuing commerce to get STARTED at last!

1. 10 Year by Shiv Das and Sons

You’re probably wondering what good would past year papers do but if you are not studying from this book then you are in great danger my friend. If you would have a look at the question papers, you would realise that a few questions have been repeated each year or after a gap of one year. If you want passing marks at least then better mug up these selected few ”professor’s favorite” questions because they have a high probability of coming again.

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2. Erach Bharucha

Since EVS (Environmental Studies)¬†is a common subject in all courses, people often take it lightly thinking it is all about pollution! But if you don’t want to get choked in your exam, then this book is your solution for not flunking in EVS (yes, people do flunk in EVS). Though it is a bit in-depth but if you don’t have your professor’s notes (or senior’s) to study from then this book is your key.


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3. J.R. Monga

A fancy book for a fancy course. Consider this the T.S. Grewal of college and go through the illustrations at least. Accounts is one subject that does not require you to mug up things and it comes with easy – free marks that you can secure in practical since Tally is very easy to score full marks in if you attended your practicals.

4. P.C. Tulsian or MC Kuchhal

Both of these books are great for Business Law. Kuchhal has a pretty deep explanation with practical problems at the back. Refer to any of these. One advice – if you are referring to Sushma Arora then stop immediately because many sections are printed wrong in that and it also contains a few extra topics that are not in course. Also some answers given in that book are wrong. So get yourself a photocopy of Kuchhal which is available for Rs. 150 only or suffer in your exams if you’re studying from Sushma Arora.

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Bonus Р Contract Act (ICA) and Limited Liability of Partnership Act (LLP) come for 45 marks in the exam. If you do these 2 units then you can easily secure 45(or a little less) out of 75 marks ( the other 25 marks are for internals)

5. Micro – Economics

Now, you have a good gap of a week for those who have selected their GE as Economics so you can easily score good in it. As it is all topics in Eco are just an extension of what you studied in class twelfth. Just go through the Micro Economics Readings (assuming the fact that you would have got them from SRCC and are not so clueless) you can nail this exam. If you don’t have the readings then you can buy Introductory Microeconomics by Dr. Deepashree.

That’s all folks. All the best for your exams and don’t panic if you’ve not started yet. There is still ample time left (considering the gap of minimum 3-4 days given for each exam)

Comment below if you found this article helpful and help others out as well by sharing a few good books other than these that you are using to help your fellow mates out.

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