Experiential Learning A Basis from the Session 2019-2020 : CBSE

CBSE secretary Anurag Tripathi said starting from this session and hopefully into the foreseeable future the board will have a punchline. “Students should learn from what they study and use it. It should not be rote learning for them, which they only learn for exams and then forget,”

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has thought of various measures to make the teaching procedure student-friendly. Therefore, CBSE has presented experiential learning from session 2019-20. This aims at empowering students to associate and apply the content of their learning areas and subjects into their own lives and the world they live in. With this new process of learning, there will be certain changes in the study pattern such as-:

  • The curricular exercises will be designed in a way that it will help students to apply the same in the outside world.
  • NCERT has included aspects of stress and anxiety-related problems that school-goers face in their textbook as per the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005.
  • To promote life skills and value education, CBSE has integrated health and physical training along with academics.
  • NCF, 2005 advocates the facilitation of growth and development of students across all school stages and scope for guidance from elementary through secondary and higher secondary.
  • The learning outcomes created by NCERT help the instructors to coordinate their teaching-learning process and make other stakeholders responsible and alert towards their job for guaranteeing quality training.

Experiential learning lays emphasis on the practical aspect of academics and hopes to integrate what students learn in books with everyday life.


  1. Good work sir
    It should be a way for holistic development asA1 means internal and external qualities and ecternal will be grown in students.
    Carry on
    And are ther any new way of teaching process.

  2. I am student CBSE I want to need some 1 student 9th pass CBSE se 10th pass Delhi board dbsse 11th pass out CBSE class 12th join MP board possible or not please reply me


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