Faculty of Law Cancels Mid-Semester Break For Its Students

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The Faculty of Law, one of the premier law institutes in India has announced cancellation of the mid-semester break since the classes started late this year. This isn’t being taken nicely by the students.

The delay in starting of classes implies that the classes will go on for longer than they usually do. The Law Faculty confirmed it by announcing that the classes will continue until 30th November, leaving students with lesser time to prepare for semester exams than they usually get every year.

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Cancellation of a seven-day long break can have serious repercussions for students.Several outstation students have plans to visit their homes during the break for which they have train or flight reservations. These reservations are often non-refundable. Cancellation of the break may result in financial loss to them. Other students have plans to review their syllabus, start with a project, begin an internship etc. In such cases, cancellation of break can seriously affect their plans.

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Reports suggest that the break was cancelled last year also and the students are blaming the department for such inconvenience. The students are outraged and believe that they have to bear the brunt of the department’s faulty planning.

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