Fake Mark Sheet And Certificates On The Rise For Seeking Admission In DU
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Many colleges in Delhi University this year took the help of forensic tests to clear the certificates which were submitted during the admission process.While transgressing fraud to gain admission is not a new idea,the number of paradigm of such indicated that using unfair means to enter University isn’t ebbing despite stricter procedure.Verification revealed that many marksheets submitted were coloured photocopies and numerous caste certificates were forged.

Ramjas college took longer this year to finalise the admissions because it pore over every document given by aspirants for precision.With the verification process still going on it has already detected five fake certificates.

According to Manoj Khanna,college Principal,the cases of forged involved marksheets and caste certificates.

Students cleverly submit coloured photocopies to ensure that they can try and secure admission in other colleges too.

At Shivaji College,Principal Shashi Nijhawan said that a student from Andhra Pradesh came with a marksheet that had an extra alphabet in the name of the board.“We caught that discrepancy when we checked the name of the board online. I immediately sent a letter to the university about this attempt at forgery‚Äù he said.

Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences conducted a special workshop on forensic verification before the admissions opened and 22 college representatives attended it. “The idea behind the initiative was to add an extra layer of security to the process so that no wrong admission was allowed and a deserving candidate didn’t lose out.”

He also disclosed that in many instances,a candidate applied with counterfeit document only if they had the confidence that someone in the college would later “handle” the matter. This is what happened in 2011,when the admission of 29 students in Ramjas was cancelled after it was found that they had given fake marksheets on the assurances of a staff member.


  1. It’s not the case with only DU. Many other University will face the same problems during admissions. Some could be able to rectify but others couldn’t.


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