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Glamorous Fashion Societies of Delhi University

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Delhi University has been giving platform to students all over the country not only through academics but through various co curricular activities. Students have been showcasing their talent through different societies.

The university has some amazing fashion societies in various colleges where the students train themselves to out-stand the capabilities they possess each and every time.

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To perform better each time,all the members train each other to understand the qualities such as poise, panache and vivacity, which stand as important pillars in the fashion world.From designing and creating garments they also work on choreographing the moves of models on the ramp.

They put their heart and soul in each and every event they perform.Their work has been professional and seen as to be perfect in all aspects of fashion modelling.

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The fashionable societies of the University puts a glam tag on the university for being fashionable and trendy.These societies have always shown their calibre in various colleges fests all over India.Some of the top fashion societies of Delhi University are-

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1. GLITZ-Kamala Nehru College

The society auditions every year for 10 to 12 students with an aptitude of fashion. They bring out the sense of applicants through psychedelic, abstract and circus based themes.
They have won numerous awards in the previous academic year. “GLITZ is put together by hard core fashion lovers, who take every aspect of fashion very seriously. We always walk for social cause,” Tashi Sharma,president of the society told Hindustan Times.

2. STYLUS.INC-Delhi College of Arts and Commerce

A team of 16 members Stylus.INC has been presenting themselves in various events.The applicants aspiring to be in the society faces three rounds of audition, that assess their sense of fashion, confidence level and ramp presence.
In the previous year 10 members of the society bagged prizes such as best model at various competitions across the university.

3. GLAMORRATTI-Dyal Singh College

One of the best societies in the DU fashion circuit is Glamorratti. The society has a very long list of achievements as a part of Dyal Singh College. The society auditions for 4 rounds to get the best members for the team. Apart from the aptitude for fashion and design they are judged for the enthusiasm towards working with the team. “Fashion is the mirror to people’s personalities. DU students are known for their individualism, which makes even the simplest of clothes look brilliant”, Sanya Sood,president of the society told Hindustan Times.

4. GALORE-Maitreyi College

Galore is a close knit team of 13 members that work hard every year to make the team bag maximum prizes. The team organizes a 3 level audition which tests confidence, coordination and presence of mind. “the drastic difference between school and college is increased awareness of fashion in the life of students.” Surbhi Sareen,the president of the society told Hindustan Times. “Our fashion shows are themed around messages of social relevance. We mesmerize the audiences through our aesthetic appeal, and force them to think at the same time,” adds Sareen.

5. POISE-Institute of Home Economics

“Fashion rules the minds and hearts of DU students, who create their own style with the tides of time,” Jasneet Kaur, the president of the society told Hindustan Times.A workshop followed by 3 levelled auditions is organized by the existing team where they look for confidence and expression rather than their appearances. “Fashion for us is more than just walking on the ramp. We add dramatic elements such as choreography and props to improve the appeal of our performances,” adds Kaur.

(with inputs from Hindustan Times)

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