Feeling Low? I Get You..

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Nowadays, we focus too much on what we deserve but don’t get from life and somewhere feel cheated because of it. I think, it is now the trending complain of almost every young heart these days.

As most of us here reading this write up are college students and there are several nasty problems which have become almost inseparable parts of our daily lifestyle, I guess, we really need to look into our own fundamentals of sorrow deep inside our heads. In this world of cutthroat competition for bread and milk, today’s youth is surrounded by several other bonus problems in life related to other miscellaneous fields as well. Then be it our complicated multiple responsibilities, dual lifestyles, contradictory morals, larger than life expectations of parents or messed up relationships causing devastating heartbreaks. Somewhere along our lives, we all have been either been directly or indirectly engaged at several fronts of our lives where we found ourselves to be all alone for a long time. Hence, in the middle of all this hustle, with all due respect to our personal struggles in life, I have penned down this piece of writing as an attempt to give you a fresh and quite productive perspective to your sorrows in life.

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My take on it is that nowhere was it written that life would have spared you from getting trapped in misfortunes, despite you having maintained fairness and honesty in your share of actions. Yeah, life is unfair to everyone at some points and you aren’t its sole victim.

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I ain’t saying to stop feeling sad. It is an involuntary function of the human brain. You are bound to taste every emotion so don’t shy away from feeling lost, insecure or under-confident sometimes. The sad feelings don’t hurt us more than the feeling of mere realization that we are feeling sad.

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Don’t feel so awkward and uncomfortable if you feel down. It is perfectly fine to feel so. Accept it and you will start healing in time. Give sorrows a proper place in your heart to live and see they will be quite light and stable there, leaving your mood less miserable. You never accept them as one of the permanent chief guests of your heart like love, compassion, vengeance or others, so they hurt you so much each time they return, as if it was the very first time. Do not let them disappear in the first place.

Do not clear their stains or heal the scars. Let them remain there in the form of left overs. Now, whenever they come back, you may feel that you were already expecting them. It will weaken their importance in your heart and your heart will stay healthier than others in the long run.

Therefore, don’t chase your happiness. Let it chase you instead. We know life reflects back what we invest in it. So invest happiness in others everywhere and in everyone who is related to you in any way. Do it selflessly. Tell them how special they are, how beautiful they are and what the world would have missed had their sacred souls not made their human entrance here.

You know, I take happiness as a treat from life for me and do not take it for granted at all. This is the reason I enjoy every single moment. I feel happy rather than just being neutral as if it were something so ordinary in my heart. In my eyes, sorrow is normal and happiness is a treat which makes me negligibly sad and almost normal when I am down, but super cheerful and lively when I am happy for even the thousandth fraction of a second.

Lastly, I would like to conclude on a light note that genuinely, there are plenty of things to enjoy in this life, what we need is just a healthy mindset with a positive approach towards life. We never know what is waiting for us in the womb of our destiny. So why to ruin our moods when all that we have is today. The things that break us today will not even matter to us in the next 5 years to come. Keep experimenting new things and charming your heart with more and more colorful experiences of life like trying a new cuisine, dancing in the marriages of random people, enjoying the rains , having fun with stray dogs or playing with toddlers. I don’t know if something that works for me works for you too, but isn’t it all about the beauty of life that it wants us to explore it ourselves and find our way out from our own puzzles?

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Aishwarya Gautam
BA Honours Political Science, ( 1st Year) Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College , University of Delhi.

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