Female Residents Protest At Rajiv Gandhi Girls Hostel Against Fee Hike

Recently, the authorities of Rajiv Gandhi Girls Hostel announced a fee hike.Allegedly, the Managing Committee of Rajiv Gandhi’s Girls Hostel decided the fee hike without having any student representative on board.

A resident who doesn’t wish to be named told us ‘Hostel told the students that there is a fund crunch and University hasn’t been granting them enough funds to run the hostel.We then looked into the funding and discovered that University has been providing funds to the hostel authorities.If there are no funds, then why are they running the hostel?”

Another resident said “Its not our fault whether they have the funds or not but why are we being burdened with the pressure of higher hostel fees? This is the third consecutive hike in last 3 years and the fees has gone up by INR 10,000 per annum over all these years”

The students met with the authorities to discuss their concerns but no concrete solution was given to them.This led to a protest at a place near the Dhaka Hostel Complex in Mukherjee Nagar. Members of the Delhi University Students Union, teachers, etc supported the protesting students.

The Managing Committee gave assurance to hold another meeting regarding the issue.The students are ready for another protest if a rollback isn’t announced.


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