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Feeling Low Because Of First Cut Off ? Please Don’t

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We all know that the first cut off is out and many of us haven’t qualified for our dream college or maybe our choice of course. Getting a good percentage in twelfth grade doesn’t mean anything until one clears the cut offs and gets a college, or at least a decent college. However, this is just the beginning and one shouldn’t admit defeat. The first cut offs are usually disheartening for a very large section of the applicants. There are four more cut offs to be released.
I have often seen that parents become un-supportive, start comparing their kids with other children of the same age. Your friends might be getting good colleges and you would not have gotten one yet  , but that  doesn’t mean you will not .
News is filled with students committing suicide due to the pressure of the society, the sky-high cut offs and their very own expectations. Students are continually worried about the reactions and potentially negative consequences in their houses. Nonetheless , losing hope at this point of time would only make the situation worse. I myself got admission in the fourth cut off as I had to wait for my choice of course. No college is good or bad , it is what its students make of it .. so even if you get in an average college you can still take it to heights if you have the potential in you.
  • This year the number of applications has decreased by 40,000.. so every DU aspirant stands a better chance.
  • 19 colleges have come up with new courses, which increases 2000 seats.
  • There are 61 colleges under DU, you shall get in somewhere.
  • Be positive and calm, panicking wont get you any college.
  • Above anything, you should be clear if you want the preferred college or the course.
One page with cut offs doesn’t measure your worthiness and  if you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?


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