What First Year In Delhi University Taught Me

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As I move on to the second year of my college,I look back at my messy first year.17-year-olds like me come with certain expectations and Bollywood-ised ideas of college,only to have them shattered at every pretext.So having survived it all,I believe that I have attained certain wisdom which I must pass on to all those who have just stepped into the three most exciting years of their lives.

1. Not putting in efforts to dress up is also a fashion statement.


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After the first two months of Zara dresses and stilettos, and a glance at your seniors, you realise college would be just the same in your baggy t-shirts and chappals.

2. Life is much easier with friends, whether two or ten.

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You might spend the first few months hanging out with enormous groups of over-excited freshers. However, you will soon find yourself in a company of 2-3 people who will always be by your side.

3. Classes are meant to be bunked but responsibly.


No one has ever attended every single class in college and honestly, you are not even expected to. Miss your class to attend that seminar on the Kashmir issue or just to sit in the canteen with your friends.

4. Who doesn’t love cheap thrills?


It doesn’t take long to figure out that independence comes at a price. Money which lasted a month in school will fly out in a week. A movie at Amba for Rs.60 per ticket is as entertaining as one at the PVRs or the cup of tea from the stall next to your college gate tastes just the same, or even better, as the Chai Latte at CCD.

5. There is less of Delhi in Delhi University.


If you ever doubted the cultural diversity of India, you won’t once you have been to a college in DU. You will meet students from all over the country. So bear with the 100 different renditions of Hindi as you debate whether ‘garmi lagta hai’ or ‘lagti hai’.

My final piece of advice to you is,while many must have told you that college is about finding yourself and building a foundation for your future,don’t forget to live in the moment.Be your own weird self,be wild,be reckless,stand up for the causes close to your heart and gather a truckload of experiences so that three years down the line when you are at your farewell ceremony,you can look back and remember your college life with a huge smile on your face.

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