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Five Books To Get You Through Online Classes 𑁋 A Bookworm’s Guide for Beating the Pandemic Blues

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It’s been a while since the pandemic took us by storm. However, that does not change the nightmarish online fiascos we face every day. The laggy internet connections, the accidental mic scandals and the monotonous lectures have stripped us away from the warm buzz of the beloved university campus where cheap watery chai and spicy Maggi were the go-to meals on a lazy afternoon. Staying in with each semester gets harder, especially when we can’t go off on road trips with our friends or steal glances at somebody we fancy in the library. Okay, I’ve made my point. Things suck right now but don’t worry, I got you!

Be a hero, use your neocortex and fantasize about scenarios where you save the world, survive a tough workplace or fall in love with an alien. Does this spike your interest? If so, I have curated a list of my personal favourite reads that may help you sail away to your far-away mystical land. All of these books have accidents, catastrophes, some are even apocalyptic so they are definitely in sync with our times. 

Now buckle up with some popcorn 𑁋 this is a free ride!

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The Catcher in the Rye

Do you get tired of the superficiality of the system around you? If you do, you’ll definitely relate to the protagonist of this book.

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He is a rebellious teenager who suffers through an existential crisis as he describes his angst against ‘phoney’ adults. J.D. Salinger’s blunt, brutal and pessimistic writing provides a cathartic read, which is something a lot of us need right now.

The Swift Family Robinson

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We have all dreamed about fleeing from our home to a far-away mystical land, especially in times of crisis. While a lot of us can’t logistically do that right now, what is to stop us from fantasizing about it?

A survival tale of a family who gets ship-wrecked, this book provides a perfect get-away to anyone who is turned off by their mundane daily routines. Interestingly, the book is partly based on a true story. So, if you are looking for a fun adventure story in a tropical land with tree houses, then this is a must-read!

The Host

Falling in love is beautiful. Now, add an alien to the equation. That’s exactly how Stephenie Meyer’s book plays with our hearts.

The combination of science fiction with romance in a love tale between humans and their parasitic invaders is just about everything you need in a modern romantic read. The Host goes beyond the superficial fragments of romantic relationships and portrays how love, unity and hope trump everything 𑁋 even an apocalypse.


Fight fire with fire. Tired of the coronavirus? We’re going to read about the threats of another deadly virus!

Inferno is a mysterious tale with a university professor as the protagonist. Dan Brown perfected this novel with a flawless blend of the modern threats that we all know about 𑁋 global warming, overpopulation and terrorism. Yet, he still manages to keep optimistic notes throughout the narration. If you want the unusual mix of positivity and disasters in a book, then this one checks all the boxes.

P.S – Please don’t actually fight fire with fire, we don’t want you to turn into ashes!

The Devil Wears Prada

Fashion, glamour, hostile workplaces can turn into a dramatic tragedy. If you want to indulge in the highs and lows of the corporate world, then this book is the perfect pick for you!

A young woman, Andrea Sachs, gets a highly sought after job 𑁋 she is hired as an assistant of a successful magazine editor. However, there is a catch. Her boss is unimaginably difficult and cruel. Andrea’s struggle at work envelopes her life and makes her question her own morals and values. This bestseller is a must-read for anyone who likes a well-written Drama.

So, which book will you pick?

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