Monday, January 20, 2020
Campus Ki Khabar Food Courts Might Replace Canteens In JNU Soon

Food Courts Might Replace Canteens In JNU Soon


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After a meeting held on Tuesday ,the decision held at Executive Council (EC) to close some canteens and open food court.The authorities are looking to open a number of them to fulfil the “demand” of students for hygienic food.

The JNU Students’ Union condemned this the move towards “corporatisation and privatisation”. In 2004, the union had successfully opposed a Nestle outlet opening on campus. “In response to growing demands from students for… clean and hygienic food… the JNU EC met on November 20 and decided to explore the feasibility of establishing food courts at suitable locations… This will enable students… to have a wide range of food choices …,” Registrar Pramod Kumar said in a statement.

Moreover he added in his statement “The EC has decided to take appropriate action against campus canteens not following rules and not catering to requirements of students for clean and affordable food. The EC has also decided to call for fresh tenders for running canteens. Those who have not followed rules or paid dues will not be permitted to participate in the tendering process.”

Registrar Kumar said, ‚ÄúWe have long been getting requests for a ‚Äòfamily food court‚Äô on campus. JNU has various dhabas, but we don‚Äôt have places where we can go and eat with families. So we thought of this idea.”

In the meeting, the administration also decided to temporarily close down one reading room in the main Library in the campus to “improve the fire safety measures”.

Kumari Shivanjali
I'm a student of economics at Kamala Nehru college , a council member of my department and a member Of Nupur ( Indian classical and folk dance society of my college) .I love dancing , writing peoms and ya of course exploring the places where I go.


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