For Nairobi! All about the future of Money Heist (Part 5)

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With Nairobi died, Lisbon rescued and the Professor caught red-handed by Alicia Sierra, there are a lot of questions being raised whether the task of robbing the Bank of Spain or liberating Rio will be accomplished by the remaining members of the heist or not.

Netflix is yet to announce a season 5 of ‘’Lacasa de Papel’’, a Spanish thriller Netflix series, popularly known by the name of Money Heist. Season 4 was ranked highly in Netflix’s US top 5 most-watched titles in the wake of its release, which is quite impressive for a Spanish series. Thus, the chances of season 5 are certainly very likely. A trend that has been observed is that the announcements of 2 seasons of the show have had taken place simultaneously until today which raises the chances of even a season 6. But what are the most possible happenings, the most viable events that can be expected in season 5 of Money Heist?

Season 4 ends with Lisbon (Raquel) being rescued and the Professor caught red-handed by the ruthless police officer Alicia Sierra, who had been recently discharged off her services due to her involvement in the illegal arrest and detention of Rio. The remaining heist crew members, unaware of the Professor’s condition felt victorious after the rescue of Lisbon and the successful execution of Plan Paris. They suddenly, feel a lot more energetic and enthusiastic and want to complete this heist with flying colors for none other than Nairobi, who was shot in the head by Gandia, the chief of security for the Governor of the Bank of Spain. This scene turns out to be quite emotional for the viewers as Nairobi joins the likes of Moscow, Oslo, and Berlin- the other heroes who had lost their lives during the previous heist at the Royal Mint of Spain.

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Season 5, the coming season would largely focus on the escape plan. Though a lot about the escape plan has not been discussed in the previous seasons, it is Raquel who provides a little bit of hint about the plan. When giving her statement to the judge at the Supreme Court, she refers to ‘dolphins’ while describing the escape plan. As we already know, the Professor told Raquel to give accurate information about the heist, stating every detail to the judge to gain his confidence which would help them borrow some time to save her. Why and where will some dolphins come in the picture, we are yet to find out. What we also know is that the Professor had always told the other members of the heist that he would be able to get all of them out only when all the gold would be taken out and melted. Is there any way after the gold chamber, following the area where the secrets of the state had been guarded? Are they planning to swim like a dolphin through that passage? Even if it so, it is quite impractical as the gold has already been a fair distance below the ground level, which a human can hardly pass wearing a scuba suit. There is also no vision of a tunnel or a similar figure shown in season 3 or 4 like the previous 2 seasons. Thus, the plan of action has not been clearly stated anywhere. We have often seen the professor showing minimum interest in the heist of the Bank of Spain because the escape plan seems quite impossible to him. But this was 5 years back when he was discussing the heists with Palermo and Berlin. Has he been able to come with a solid plan that ensures minimal damage to the crew will be the question addressed to season 5?

What also becomes interesting to see is what happens once the Professor is arrested, after all, he is the only person who knows the escape plan. In the absence of any sort of external communication, will the heist members be able to manage everything on their own? There is however one possibility that Palermo, the head of the crew might be aware of the escape plan too as he and Berlin were also present with the Professor when this heist was being planned 5 years back. There is also a possibility that the professor might have discussed the escape plan with her wife and co-partner Raquel who is now inside the Bank of Spain. Even if this problem is resolved, how will the communication take place with the outside world, who will tell the crew about the police plans and their positions? Will Marseille take the place of the Professor outside and guide the crew members or will he save the Professor first are the dilemmas that will become the matter of discourse in season 5. Seeing the foresightedness of the Professor and his experience, he ought to have a plan about his release as well. But he too is aware that this time he has to deal with a smart and clever player like him, Alicia Sierra.

Will Sierra hand over the Professor to the police or will rather stop the heist herself is another key aspect that season 5 will deal with. Sierra, after taking responsibility for torturing Rio without following legal procedures from the Policia’s (police’s) side, had been fired. She, by following clues, was able to get to the Professor but does this all alone without informing anyone. Will, she now interrogate the Professor by herself or will she somehow coerce the Professor to give false information to the heist members and use him as bait? Will Sierra’s turn to be a hero at the end of her move of coming to the Professor’s den all alone make her cost everything? Will the Professor outplay Sierra and manage to escape or will he be outwitted this time?

It is almost certain that Colonel Tamayo will also be relieved from his services after Sierra briefed the press about all the wrongdoings of the Intelligence in this case. What will Sierra do with Antononzas, the police officer who secretly acts as a watchdog of the Professor and helps him by giving him information about all the activities of the police and intelligence? She is the only one who knows that he is the mole in the tent and this epic encounter will be another significant aspect in season 5. Will Gandia be able to make himself free again and fight against the crew members as he is the only member who can offer any kind of resistance from within the Bank of Spain or will a civil war yet again take place among the heist members. The psychological pressure that has been built in the minds is not easy to take for everyone. With highly unpredictable people like Palermo and Tokyo at the Bank of Spain and without the virtual presence of the Professor, clashes are bound to take place. Will the crew members be able to survive this heat or their frustration will be thrashed upon innocent hostages who would have to bear the consequences? What will happen to the relationships of Rio and Tokyo and Denver and Stockholm (Monica), will Sierra be able to get her position and respect back in the police force for her bravery are the angles that only season 5 will be able to construct.

Season 5 will surely acknowledge most of these queries. But as money heist has been known for its unpredictability, as viewers we should be ready for another great season involving much more thrill and drama, greater action, and certainly much more advanced plans and their executions. A Money Heist season 5 will thus, presumably conclude the Bank of Spain heist with the team’s escape however it may come at the cost of a few more lives.

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