Four species of frogs found by Sri Venkateswara College's Professor
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Although our ecosystem is suffering from the adverse phase and in urban areas amphibians are no more because of their habitat loss and fragmentation. But a Delhi University professor claims that in Aravalli biodiversity area, he has found out four new species of frog and frogs are an indicator that there is healthy ecosystem, which is an irony that stands.

In the monsoon season of 2019, an amphibian survey was conducted in the Aravalli biodiversity park in which it was found out that almost eight sympatric amphibians may be present in that area. The four species that have been found out now are Nepal’s wart frog, Indian burrowing frog, Indian Toad and Indus valley toad.

According to the assistant professor at Sri Venkateswara college, Robin Suyesh who is also an amphibian biologist who found the amphibians, there is no such area in the whole NCR region which shows such high diversity of amphibians. Although the national capital region is not really a good and supportive habitat for the amphibians, but on the other hand, Aravalli Biodiversity Park is the best.

He also added that the park has all the basic requirements that are needed for the sustainability of the amphibians, including vegetation and shelter from adverse atmospheres.

According to another research, amphibians are the environmental indicators of the ecosystem and thus are a really important part. They have a semi permeable skin which makes them susceptible to pollution, and their presence means that there is a health ecosystem near the Aravalli.


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