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Freshman Year : Embracing New Beginnings

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Delhi University began its new academic session today on 20th July 2016. This day shall mark an onset of beautiful yet anxious beginnings and complete closure of those good old protective days,for thousand of students enrolling this year. We all have wanted to grow up,take responsibility of our lives in the past yet this beginning has been successful in taming us (recounting my own experience during the last year). Anticipation of travailing new paths becomes inseparable and adrenaline rush becomes a common phenomenon. Beginnings are such. After all,it takes some freaking out to become that you have never been,ever before.

“And to make an end is to make a beginning.” – T.S. Eliot

To call this mix of feelings a new chapter would be completely wrong. In fact,the old book that your life has been; has somewhere been tossed into a sea and you are yet to write a completely new book. A book where you re-imagine the world. You catch the glimpse of the beautiful journey when you open the first page itself. Once you enter into the college and move out of the ‘familiarizing with the surroundings’ stage,new doors will open by themselves. You will find yourself enjoying the fresh air,the air of realization and looking at the same world with a new sense of vision.
Freshers, now is the time that you put aside the worry and welcome the new phase with a smile (now that you and I know, you are getting into something really awesome). After all,this ending was necessary to get into better things. Open your arms as wide as you can to embrace the best three of years of your life. Don’t be surprised if you finding yourself smirking at the thought ‘such a kid I was back then’ after a few initial months at college. For now, all you can do is to summon all enthusiasm and energy to make the most out of your first week at college and the days after that. The upcoming year awaits a new language and a new voice; go out there and find it as fast as you can.
All the best!
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