From School To College : How Things Change Once You Enter College

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I still remember my first day at college. A bashful geek walking through the corridor dressed in most trendy clothes, accessorized with nothing but a frown of confusion across her forehead. I still laugh sometimes remembering why I was so nervous. Was it because it was my first day? It was the first day for hundreds of students. So what?  From being a freshman to being a senior, the world around you revolutionizes. So what are the phases of the wonderful and amazing college life?

1. Separate notebook for each subject

From School To College : How Things Change Once You Enter College

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I had four thick notebooks for each subject in first semester. My style of diligently taking notes ‘progressed’ though. All subjects’ notes began getting compiled in a single notebook with artistic doodles and written conversations with buddies. The last stage of this phenomenon was borrowing pages from others and pretending to jot down and scribble.

2. Squad formation  

From School To College : How Things Change Once You Enter College

From being buds with the entire class in the beginning, I had a solid crew by the end. You start scanning and begin to understand and value true friendship and realize who are the people who only pop up during your birthdays. Although I regretted being with some who debilitated my self esteem. It’s a ‚Äòyayiee moment‚Äô though when you step out of toxic torment. Choose your circle wisely. The friends you make during this time are the ones whose weddings you will attend and be the bridesmaids and best men.

3. Keeping up with trends

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From School To College : How Things Change Once You Enter CollegeIn the earlier semesters, I woke up two hours early to get ready. It was quite cumbersome. When I left my place it looked like a huge closet in which clothes are thrown about and my closet looked as if I was moving out of the house. As the time goes by, however, you master the art of getting ready in fifteen minutes, including the shower. Surprisingly enough the trendy, expensive clothes never gave me confidence but entering in those sweats does. It’s all about having faith in yourself. A 100 buck pajama or a 5000 buck lavish dress does not make any difference.

4. Relationships

From School To College : How Things Change Once You Enter College

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You enlighten yourself everyday in this area accompanied by lots of crying and rom-coms or tragic-romances. You learn that it is not necessary that every guy/girl will ask you out with the purpose of marriage. Maybe the other one is just ‚Äòliving in the moment’ or vice versa. It’s important to be on the same page. College made me realize that people may come and go, but the only person that sticks with you is you yourself. Don‚Äôt leave your principles for someone who you know for a month and ditch the one who you have known for 19 years.

From School To College : How Things Change Once You Enter College

College gives you an opportunity to be yourself and stand out from the crowd. If it gives you jerks, it also gives you friends that will last a lifetime. Join as many clubs as you want, go for protests, go for those infamous unofficial trips, be friends with your seniors (they will give you life advices like no other). Make the most out of this life, you are not going to have another.

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