Funding Of 28 DU Colleges Stopped By Delhi Government

The government has again stopped funding of 28 colleges after the university’s failure of appointing a governing body.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, in his letter to the Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi and the finance department, said,” Delhi University has not constituted the governing bodies in the 28 colleges….till date. It is directed that till the governing bodies are formed in these colleges, no funds should be released.”

The term for these governing bodies had expired on March 9, 2019. Despite the written order by Mr. Sisodia to extend the term for three months, DU did not act upon it.

The governing body is assigned with the duty of taking all the administrative and financial decisions related to the college. In a college funded by the government of Delhi, GB consists of 15 members, 5 of which are the government nominees. The others are the Principal, two college teachers and five du representatives appointed by the government.

A number of teacher’s groups have been objecting to this decision of the government. They want the government to withdraw its letter.

“DUTA finds it unacceptable that the employees will be held to ransom because of the impasse created by the university and/or the government. The stopping of funds is a short-sighted step as it will only disrupt the academic and administrative functioning when students are preparing for their semester exams,” said the DUTA.


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