Gargi College Students Raise Voice Against Principal For Lack Of Security Which Led To Large Scale Sexual Harassment

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Where most associate college fests with a lot of fun and frolic, Gargi college witnessed parallel energy this year. Their annual fest Reverie was organized from the 4th-6th Feb 2020 and became the talk of the town after the events took an unexpected turn on the last day.

Following the issues regarding safety and the breach of security in the past years, Gargi introduced a pass system for boys in their fest this year. On the third day which was the 6th, men with only passes were allowed to enter the campus and the entries were supposed to close by 4:30 pm. However, reality seemed way different.

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According to reports, groups of middle-aged men gatecrashed the college fest and allegedly molested the college students. The infiltrators damaged the college property, consumed intoxicants inside the campus and created a huge amount of chaos. The students of Gargi in their statement said that they felt entrapped in their own institution as the college was flooded with thousands of unknown people and communication was impossible due to signal issues.

When the students tried to approach the Principal of the college, Ms. Promila Kumar, she allegedly turned a blind eye to the entire problem and replied, “We had ensured enough security from our side and the students shouldn’t have come to the fest if they still felt so unsafe.”

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The apathy of the college admin and the Principal filled the students of Gargi with rage and they resorted to a protest on campus against the issue on 10th February. The protest started at 10 am and was joined by even the teachers and the Delhi commission of women who then decided to issue a notice against the college for not taking action.

The students have put forth various demands including the resignation of their acting principal and the union adviser. They are determined to not back out and it is reported that the protest will continue on the following days. The principal and the admin have stayed silent on the issue so far and a conclusion is yet to come.

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