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Gargi College’s Official Website Hacked By A Pakistani Hacker Group

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What Comes to your mind when you open your college website in morning to check out some Stuff & Find “Website Down” tag?

Following Image Shows the Current Situation of Gargi College’s official website.Whole Day “20 May 2017”.It has been kept in this situation.

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Screenshot Gargi website Down

When we dig deep down for the reason it being like this
It Connects to Hardly a Month Back News (25th & 27th April ).

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DCAC’s Website Taken Down By Pakistani Hackers,10th Such Attack In This Week

News Links to Website Down
Source : Screenshot Google

News of ” Websites of various Educational Institutions being hacked ” victims including IIT-D,BHU,DCAC,AMU,etc.
Attackers Calling Themselves Pakistan Haxors Crew .
Damage Done : “Pro Pakistani Slogans,Videos,Messages” was put on these websites.Effects of Attacks were removed by making the websites turn back to same positions as before attacks.

Here’s a look of the website in the Morning (around 6 AM) before it went completely down (for hiding the message by Hacker).

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Screenshot of gargi Website : hacker's Message

Hacker Group this time name themselves as “Alone Injector”.
It is the same group that damaged the National Security Guards (NSG)’s Website during the New year Celebrations.Messages were similar in Kind that were found to be present on Gargi’s Website.

Continuous attacks on Indians websites points towards the loopholes in Our Cyber Security Systems.A lot of work is required to develop better frameworks that can be termed as “Harmless” in nature & can’t be used to propagate these kind of messages by Pro Pakistani hackers.

After Analyzing various attacks & Their Causes

Education and Research Network of India,,manages the entire Domain to IP mapping of all websites.(Common Host) instead of the servers of these websites being hacked; the hackers simply attacked the DNS provider and mapped the domain to their custom server which then displayed the abusive messages and videos

We Would Like to Advice Delhi University : “Sharing a common hosting platform makes websites of DU colleges vulnerable to the attack.University officials should take care of this point and increase security so that things like this can be avoided in the future.”

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