Get Into “Dosti” With The Professors!

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School was somewhere, where we either wanted to be close to a particular teacher or already were. We all have had those one or two teachers whom we just liked a little too much. Spending time with them during breaks or ECA classes was a common thing.

What about college? Having your teachers’¬†support is always encouraging.

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i45673626We all have a few favourite teachers to whom we want to get close to.
This favouritism could be due to their wit, elegance, communication style, humour or simply their teaching style, ‘kuki kuch teachers ke saath padhne me maza aajata hai!’¬†But we surely don’t have as many ECA classes with teachers in college as we had in school and teachers are not as free to sit and have lunch with us.

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So how do we get friendly with our professors?

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One thing that would definitely work out is to be regular to their classes. The more they see you, the more they’ll remember you. Remember, out of sight is out of mind!
Another thing could be to talk and answer questions in class. Some teachers also like to have healthy debates on the topics covered in class
Remember to watch your words and tone while talking to them at all times. Maintain a positive and welcoming body language. You don’t need to be a geek to get known among your teachers. Your positive presence would make a difference.¬†If you’re trying to crack a joke, watch your sense, not all teachers are open to all kinds of jokes. Maintain respect!

staffroom_iStock_000004875971MediumOther thing could be to ask them out for a coffee or tea in the canteen. I‚Äôm sure, if the teacher is free and likes you, she or he won’t mind having a conversation with you over tea and canteen samosas!

Being in the good books of your teachers might or might not help you with your internals, but it would surely give you loads of knowledge and an amazing experience to cherish all your life.

 There have been instances when people have found not only a guide but also an amazing friend in their teachers. So, why not take a chance?

Not only teachers but also make friends with the other non-teaching staff of the college.

It’s easy to be friends with the canteen vale bhaiyas! It is a fun thing to be on good terms with them.
c-410x219All you have to do is to go and talk to them. Wave them a “hi” or ask them about their day. It is as simple as that. Have a small conversation till the time they’re bringing your food or when your friends haven’t arrived and you’re roaming alone.

So, go ahead and make friends with everyone in the college not just your batchmates and seniors. It’ll turn out to be positive and college would become even more happening and happier!


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Apoorva Mishra
Apoorva is currently exploring the world of literature and psychology. She is a firm believer of equality based on justice. An avid reader, she leaves the book half read if it fails to intrigue her. She thinks that there is very little time and a lot of stuff to do. So we should stop doing things that don’t interest us anymore.

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