Getting Missed Calls From International Numbers? Protect Yourself From The Wangiri Scam
Image Source-KPN Blog

Calls from international numbers beginning with+1881 or +881 are possible to be scam
If you ever receive a missed calls from an international number that you didn’t recognise, then its a ‘Wangiri’ call, a scam that could leave you out of pocket.

What is Wangiri Scam?

‘Wangiri’ is a Japanese word meaning ‘one ring and drop’. And Wangiri call does just that, if you receive a call that cuts off just as the phone rings, leaving a ‘missed call’ message and an international or unusual number on your display.It is very tempting to call the number to see who it was but if you do, chances are that you’ll be routed to a premium rate service that will automatically charge you a large sum of money.This is a scam that’s targeting customers of mobile operators across the globe.

What should you do if you get a suspected Wangiri call?

Just don’t return calls to the international numbers that you don’t recognise at all. Such calls to Wangiri numbers will often result in a charge being incurred and encourage the fraudster to generate more missed calls to customers who choose to call back.
What can you do to protect yourself

If you get an unexpected call from an unknown international or unusual number, here are some simple steps that you can take to protect yourself from Wangiri scam.

1. Don’t answer any unexpected calls from international or unusual numbers.
2. If you have a missed call from an international or unusual number, don’t get tempted to call them back.


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