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Girl From Miranda House Video Recorded While Bathing In Her PG At North Campus

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Jesmin Ahmed,a third year Sociology student in Delhi University’s Miranda House observed a whitish lens through her bathroom window while bathing yesterday.Before she could do anything to catch him,the man ran away.Rather than organizing a hunt for the culprit,the Police seemed to be advising Jesmin on methods to cover the window.

Jesmin is a resident of Guwahati,Assam and lives in a PG in North Delhi’s supposedly “safe” residential area, Hudson Lane. After a long day, she went to her bathroom. It has a window covered with black shade and there is a lane outside the window which is busy and people pass by regularly. The landlady had promised her on arrival that the window was opaque and no body from outside could see through it.

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As Jesmin lathered herself in soap, she just managed to turn around and notice a circular whitish object that looked liked the lens of a camera. The moment she tried to look closer, the person immediately removed it. She screamed in horror and called her roommates who were as horrified as the girl herself and managed to call the landlady and the police.

The police came and checked outside for the man, noticed the window and spoke with the landlady. In Jesmin’s opinion, the attitude of the police towards the incident was largely dismissive. They kept reiterating that the landlady should install proper shade to prevent people from seeing the bathroom and that what is done is done, they cannot do anything about it.

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They asked Jesmin to write a complaint report. After submitting it to the Mukherjee Nagar Police Station, no updates on the incident have been provided to Jesmine. Where the guy is, what he will do with the video, nobody knows. It does not look like the police is even considering the idea of doing an in depth investigation in the matter.

Such leverages and leniency from the side of the police only encourages and promotes indecent incidences in our capital that is shamed on its security arrangements.

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The landlady, who according to the girls does not have to pay due financial consideration for the PG because it is unregistered, also seemed manipulative and tried her best to end the invasion of police in her PG.

On asking if she should report the incident to cyber security, Jesmin was informed that unless the guy uploads her video on the internet, the cyber security can not do anything.

The PG girls reported that such incidents have happened before and their complaints were dismissed by the landlady deeming them redundant and fairly common in Delhi.

People like these, are not only polluting the moral and safety standards of Delhi, but are encouraging such outrageous behaviour by men in public. Instead of investigating the issue and finding the person who tried to make the video, the police appear to be passive and dismissive.

If the government bodies will not penalize the culprits in matters of such disgust, who will?

If we will not fight against such outrageous behaviour right now, when will we? Even as you read this article, that guy not only possesses Jesmine’s video, but also holds the power to do anything and everything with that video. While he does so, our police seems to run away from this by merely consoling the victim.

At the end of the day, every official, every individual got back to his or her own life, it is the girl and her family who suffered. It is these little incidences that make Delhi unsafe; it is this dismissive attitude of the police that makes Delhi unsafe; it is this ignorance from you and me that makes Delhi unsafe. I have done my part by forging the way for the truth to persist in your eyes. Have you?

Share this with the women you know. Let them hear of the outrageous things some men do. Let them take care of themselves better. Let them stand up against injustice. Let them realize the power of their opinion.

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