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Girls College : Expectations vs Reality

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“Girls’ college? How do you survive there?”

“You’re in a girls college? Are you straight?”

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Being in a girls’ college, I have been asked so many questions like these. Getting into a girls’ college was a nightmare that came true. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself in a girls’ college. But, it seems like a twist of fate now. But whatever it is, girls’ college has its own charm. I do agree with the fact that there is a deficiency of ‘Vitamin-B’ in the college, but hey? Girls’ are no less, are they? (I’m no feminist)

People have way many misconceptions about girls’ college, which every girl by now must be tired of clearing out. I’d like to clear out the major ones here.

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1.¬†Girls’ college? Are you straight?

We’ve all heard this so many times that it has now become a *Stone age joke* now.¬†You are as likely to find a lesbian in a girls’college as in a co-ed college. I agree to the fact that we’re around girls all the time, but there’s a chemical called hormone that influences our preference. And thankfully, that doesn’t see whether you’re in a girls’ college or not.

2.¬†Girls’ college, so what? There must be a lot of guys standing outside the college

The only boys I find standing outside my college are Chhole Kulche vaale bhaiya and auto rickshaw vaale uncle. Sometimes, we do witness some boys standing outside the college and the reason behind that is quite obvious- his girlfriend is in the college.

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Not to forget watchman uncle.

3. Fashion show chalta hoga college me to?

There is nothing like a fashion show in a girls’ college. Girls come dressed in pyjamas too. *Breaking the stereotypes*

Shocked much?

4. Male teachers must be lenient

Male teachers show their leniency by kicking us out of the class, cutting the marks for internal, being strict about the assignment and not giving us the attendance after coming late to the class. Lenient? They are heartless bitches. Shocked? Even we were!

5.¬†Not every girl in a girls’ college is single

According to my observation, number of girls having a boyfriend is way more than those of a co-ed institution. School time boyfriend and what not!

Girls’ college can be real pain sometimes but then, it has its own perks, too. The college gives you everlasting friendships that won’t break ever, no matter what. We have our own way of having fun. Quoting Priyanka Chopra here, “Why should boys have all the fun?”

I hope by now you understand what do I mean by ‘Vitamin-B’, do you or do you not?

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