Why Choose An All Girls’ College?

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To go for a co-ed college or an all girls’ college has always been a topic of discussion during admissions. I don’t understand why there is so much hype created when it comes to an all girls’ college while innumerable taboos and myths are attached to the same. But since they are called taboos and myths, they are bound to be false, aren’t they?

Girls’ colleges are equally prestigious and gratifying as compared to co-ed colleges. Here are a few of the many reasons why any female DU aspirant shouldn’t hesitate while opting for an all girls’ college:

They let you be you

It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a pair of skin hugging Zara pants or a sloppy old pajama with several holes in it, after a point you stop caring and find yourself trotting around the place with the same oomph and confidence. There is a wide and colourful range of girls that you come across, each with her own distinctive charm.  “I had never imagined that I’ll be a part of an all girls’ college.Coming from a co-ed background, it seemed very weird to see girls everywhere. I am more comfortable in the company of boys as compared to girls. So, it was a bit tough to cope up initially. However, the journey seemed quite helpful and gaining and now I am happy to be a part of my college.” Bipasha Talukdar, a student pursuing Eco honors recalls her transition from a co-ed school to an all girls’ college.
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The college infuses a sense of confidence and independence within you. You won’t realize when the happy-go-lucky girl inside you transitioned into an inviolable woman with a strong voice and an infallible mind of her own. And when you step out of the gates of your college after those three years, a plethora of opportunities will be waiting for you. You’ll meet a more creative and resourceful version of yourself who’ll be ready to excel in the real world.
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They make you hyper active

With girls taking a front seat in every aspect of their college lives that ranges from organizing events to participating in competitions or standing for the elections, they simply become best and refined at everything. Girls’ colleges are known to host some of the most famous and mind blowing fests of DU. The fact that they are able to balance everything along with their studies speaks tons about their management as well as communication skills. “All girls experience for me is very different. I am more of someone who would probably drink and laugh loudly without caring. Being in a girls’ college has kept my fashion in check and most importantly it has helped me shape my feminist ideas about different issues in the country.” Rushali Bhandari from Kamala Nehru College was quoted saying.

active-girls-vector-25386And most importantly,

The catfights *eye roll*

It is not something that happens on a routine basis in an all girls’ college and is definitely not something like the makers of Mean Girls made it seem. However, if you happen to catch hold of one then consider yourself lucky, my friend. There is nothing more entertaining than seeing two girls fight and yell at each other. So, just sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show!
Being in an all girls’ college is one hell of an experience to look out for. However, the type of college you choose, be it co-ed or all girls’, it only matters to a certain level beyond which your own personality and the way you choose to live your life is what makes you stand out from the rest.
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Garima Bhatia
Garima is currently pursuing B.A. (Hons) Journalism from Kamala Nehru College. Being a part of the theatre society of her college, she believes that strong words written with conviction are enough to stir a million hearts and bring the change our society needs.

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